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jasson kenney

the Minister outlined a series of changes to the immigration system that are expected to make it faster, more flexible and more focused on jobs, growth and prosperity.“Canada is looking for workers who can fill our labour market needs now,” Minister Kenney said. “My vision for the immigration system is one that can get immigrants here with a job offer in hand, within months of applying to come to Canada.”

jason kenny - new immigration law

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If the provincial nominee program is as important to Manitoba’sjasson kenny- in winnipeg economic well-being as the Selinger government says it is, the province should have made it more of a budgetary priority. Continue reading

“Thousands of highly-skilled foreign nationals are workingjasson kenny & skilled worker in Canada successfully in Canada on a temporary basis,” said Minister Kenney. “Expediting their transition to permanent residence would help Canada retain bright and talented people who already have Canadian work experience and the ability to communicate in English or French. In many cases, they already have a job lined up. Such newcomers are set for success.” Continue reading

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