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Requirements (Entrepreneur / Business Visa New Brunswick)

immigration to new brunswick

Nomination Criteria

a) Minimum $125,000 CAD to invest in a new business.
b) Minimum personal net worth of $300,000 CAD.
c) Demonstrable business ownership experience or experience in a senior management role.
d) Minimum 5 day exploratory visit to New Brunswick prior to submitting the PNP-B application. During your exploratory visit, an interview with a senior official for the Government of New Brunswick is required.
e) Comprehensive business plan or a business proposal.
f) Demonstrate good knowledge of English and/or French.
g) You must obtain a score of at least 50 points to qualify.  You get points for age, language skills, education, adaptability, work experience, management skills, among others. 
h) If nominated, you must be able to deposit $75,000 CAD with the Province of New Brunswick, refundable upon the successful establishment of your approved business plan.

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